Uncertain times – The Hen House

Uncertain times


I write this post at a very uncertain time. It’s not March, April, May, June or July, although they have also been difficult months, but August.

The future of The Hen House has never been more at risk and that coupled with the news that I am expecting my first baby and am moving to a new house has created an unparalleled level of anxiety and anticipation.

That said, it’s not all been bad! Whilst closed we’ve been working on a new menu to excite your tastebuds! We’ve also developed an entirely new website which will improve your experience and hopefully relinquish the bug bears of the last one. We’ve also invested in our equipment, redecorated and rebranded. We hope you’ll be able to visit us soon to see the new and improved Hen House for yourself!

Whilst soft plays have been ordered to remain closed for the past five months, we’ve spent the time thinking of creative ways we could re-open our business without the soft-play. We’ve considered becoming a tutoring centre, a flexible office space and a straightforward café. None of which would be viable under the current conditions.  We’ve also raised awareness for our struggling industry by being interviewed by the BBC to discuss the effect Covid-19 has had on our business. That was an exciting experience! We’ve thought long and hard about whether soft plays will ever re-open in the same vein as they did before and deliberated on which parts of our business are future proof and which are not.  This is a time for change for everyone and we need to adapt to the new normal.

Whilst we wait and see what the future holds for soft plays we are remaining positive and flexible. Luckily, we are a small and dynamic business with lots of energy so we can mould ourselves to cater for the future mums, dads and children of Haslemere. Myself included!