Breakfast Club – The Hen House

Breakfast Club


Our Ofsted registered breakfast clubs currently run at two local primary schools; Grayswood and Witley Infants.

We’re always looking for ways to expand so please let us know if you think we could help your school.

Our staff are caring and qualified and work closely with the schools and parents to make sure your children’s individual needs are met. All of our wraparound care team are DBS checked, paediatric first aid qualified and have completed a safeguarding qualification.

Breakfast is usually a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, muffins, crumpets or cereal, washed down with fruit juice or water.  Once everyone has eaten, we try and get the children outside for a quick run around before delivering the children to their teachers to begin their school day. 

To register, please click on your school in the after school club section below. For more information email