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Clubs and Camps

Juggling work and raising little ones is a constant challenge, one we know all too well! We've partnered with local primary schools to bring you and your family reliable and fun before and after school care.
We also run brilliant big kid camps for 4-9 year olds during most half terms and school holidays.

Breakfast Club

Our Ofsted registered breakfast clubs currently run at three local primary schools; Grayswood Primary, Witley Infants and St Mary’s Shackleford.

We’re always looking for ways to expand so please let us know if you think we could help your children’s school.

Our staff are caring and qualified and work closely with the schools and parents to make sure your children’s individual needs are met. All of our wraparound care team are DBS checked, paediatric first aid qualified and have completed a safeguarding and food hygiene qualification.

Breakfast is usually a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, muffins, crumpets or cereal, washed down with fruit juice or water.  Once everyone has eaten, we try and get the children outside for a quick run around before delivering the children to their teachers to begin their school day. 

To register, please click on your school in the after school club section below. For more information email

After School Club

Our Ofsted registered after school club runs at three local primary schools; Grayswood Primary, Witley Infants and St Mary’s Shackleford.

We set ourselves apart from other after school clubs as we help each child with their reading and where time allows, homework. Not only does this help children stay on top of their reading but also frees up your time in the evening, a win-win! Apart from reading, we encourage the children to play together, whether that be by taking part in arts and crafts, cooking or sport activities. Dinner is served at about 4:45pm and consists of a two-course meal. Children are encouraged to finish their plates and tidy up after themselves. We can cater for many different dietary requirements. An example menu can be found here. Collection is by 6pm.

To read more about our clubs please follow the link below:

About Our Clubs

To apply for a place please complete our Application Form and our Terms and Conditions.

Application Form

Terms and Conditions

If your application for a place is successful you’ll be asked to complete our Registration Form.

For more information please email

Holiday Camps

Schools out! Our holiday camps are fast becoming the place to be if you prefer smaller groups, where siblings can stay together.

Our fun-loving wraparound care team plans a varied mix of activities both at The Hen House and at local attractions to keep children of different ages and interests entertained.

We take children from as young as 4 up to 9 years old. We keep our group to 12 children maximum per day so that we can enjoy attractions such as Bird World, Alice Holt and Fisher’s Farm safely.

Our team are all DBS checked and have completed a paediatric first aid, child safeguarding and food hygiene qualification.

Places book out quickly so please contact us to be the first to know about our holiday camps.

Childcare Policies and Procedures

We encourage our parents to read our policies and procedures.



Policy and procedures implementation and review policy

Health and safety policy

Fire safety policy

Food safety and nutrition policy

Health policy

Promoting inclusion, equality and valuing diversity policy

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults policy

Record keeping policy

  • Children’s records and data protection
    • Privacy notice
  • Confidentiality, recording and sharing information
  • Client access to records
  • Transfer of records

Staff, volunteers and student policy

  • Staff deployment
  • Deployment of volunteers and parent helpers
  • Student placement

Childcare practice policy

  • Waiting list and admissions
    • About our childcare
    • Application to join
    • Childcare registration form
    • Childcare terms and conditions
  • Absence
  • Prime times- The role of the key person
  • Prime times- Settling in and transitions
  • Prime times- Arrivals and departures
  • Prime times- Snack times and mealtimes
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Identification, assessment and support of children with SEND
  • SEN Support: Initial record of concern form
  • SEN Support: Action plan

Working in partnership with parents and other agencies policy

  • Working in partnership with parents and other agencies
  • Complaints procedure for parents and service users