Childcare Policies and Procedures – The Hen House

Childcare Policies and Procedures


We encourage our parents to read our policies and procedures.



Policy and procedures implementation and review policy

Health and safety policy

Fire safety policy

Food safety and nutrition policy

Health policy

Promoting inclusion, equality and valuing diversity policy

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults policy

Record keeping policy

  • Children’s records and data protection
    • Privacy notice
  • Confidentiality, recording and sharing information
  • Client access to records
  • Transfer of records

Staff, volunteers and student policy

  • Staff deployment
  • Deployment of volunteers and parent helpers
  • Student placement

Childcare practice policy

  • Waiting list and admissions
    • About our childcare
    • Application to join
    • Childcare registration form
    • Childcare terms and conditions
  • Absence
  • Prime times- The role of the key person
  • Prime times- Settling in and transitions
  • Prime times- Arrivals and departures
  • Prime times- Snack times and mealtimes
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Identification, assessment and support of children with SEND
  • SEN Support: Initial record of concern form
  • SEN Support: Action plan

Working in partnership with parents and other agencies policy

  • Working in partnership with parents and other agencies
  • Complaints procedure for parents and service users